"In this process of class struggle, which leads to the abolition of classes, individuals were ipso facto posed as being beyond gender, since they established a community of immediately social individuals.
This second part of the text tries to explain this ‘ipso facto’. This overcoming perceived as naturally included ‘in the movement’—as something that goes without saying, due to the nature and content of the movement—should be subjected as such to critique. It is not sufficient to say that communisation, being communisation, is by definition the overcoming of genders. Although distinct ‘fronts’ within the struggle cannot possibly exist, no key-element of class society will be overcome without being attacked for itself.”
"Nothing unified & revolutionary will be formed until each section of the exploited will have made its own autonomous power felt." 

Don Juan was a choir boy compared to today’s hipsters.
 — Tiqqun
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i. premise | ii. female sacrifice | iii. insemination | iv. not-men |v. the body | vi. the sign | vii. gender strike | viii. the void |  ix. negation | x. male sacrifice | xi. nihilism | xii. on waiting
"Let’s not talk about desires anymore, let’s desire: we are desiring machines, machines of war."
After the events of March 1977, Radio Alice became the symbol of the free radios. It was emitted from Bologna, one of the strongholds of the Italian Communist Party and the explicit showcase for the Historical Compromise [alliance between Christian Democrats and Italian Communist Party (PCI)].
a q&a for men.
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The gender relation is a contradiction between men and women. As such, this contradiction is in the class struggle against the class struggle. In a society of classes, the gender distinction is constantly obscured as a social phenomenon; it is the presupposition that class society naturalizes… The proletarian (man) who struggles as such against capital reproduces in his proletarian struggle the gender distinction and the contradiction between men and women.
I. Adrift through the circuits of feminized precarious work
II. Close encounters in the second phase: The communication continuum: care-sex-attention 
III. First Stutterings…
IV. A Very Careful Strike: Four Hypotheses
V. Bodies, lies, and video tape: between the logic of security and the logic of care
VI. Precarias Lexicon
VII. Political bodies vs. bodies politic