Spring 2012

  • The Suspended Step of Communization — Bernard Lyon [imp][read]

Winter 2011

  • Sex, Race, and Class— Selma James [imp]

Summer 2011

  • From Servitude to Service Work [imp][read]
  • Toward a Phenomenology of Sex-Right — Kathy Miriam [removed because of her anti-trans bullshit]
  • Letter to Chris Kraus, °1: ‘Kiss Me,’ ‘Fuck Me,’ or ‘Rape Me’ [imp][read]

Spring 2011

  • Radio Alice - A/Traverso [imp][read]
  • Lacan and the Discourse of the Hysteric - Paul Verhaeghe [imp][read]
  • 'Gender — Class — Dynamic' & 'Comrades, But Women' - Théorie Communiste [imp]

Winter 2010

  • Human Strike Within the Field of the Libidinal Economy — Claire Fontaine [read][imp]
  • Women on the Market — Luce Irigaray [read][imp]
  • 1914: One or Several Wolves – Deleuze and Guattari [imp]
  • Capitalism: A Very Special Delirium – Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari [imp]
  • City in the Female Gender – Lia Magale [imp]
  • Commodities Among Themselves - Luce Irigaray [imp]
  • Cyborg Manifesto – Donna Haraway [imp]
  • Gramsci’s Black Marx: Whither the Slave in Civil Society? – Frank Wilderson, III [imp]
  • Hijab – Alain Badiou [imp]
  • Introduction to The Power of Women and the Subversion of the Community – Selma James [imp]
  • Laugh of the Medusa – Helene Cisoux [imp]
  • SCUM Manifesto – Valerie Solanas [imp]
  • Theses on the Terrible Community - Tiqqun [imp]
  • Women and the Subversion of the Community – Mariarosa Dalla Costa & Selma James [imp]



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